Freight JH is more than a freight forwarder, but your complete cross-border e-commerce solution!

For nearly 20 years, we have keep in-depth cooperation with a number of international postal services and well-known express companies to deliver Chinese goods to global buyers efficiently, accurately and safely. You ship to our warehouse in China or USA, we deliver to Amazon FBA, or direct to your buyer’s door.


Freight JH offers you a comprehensive service for all your imports from China to your country.


We handle the whole process from purchasing, loading, customs declaration, customs clearance, pick-up at overseas terminals, unpacking, and delivery by ourselves (the fewer links of cargo transfer exist, the lower the probability of missing goods occurs).

The tracking information is also real first-hand information, which can accurately locate the goods in real-time, and make accurate and estimated plans for the subsequent delivery.

LTL deliveries

Ship effectively between China, US and YOUR COUNTRY.

Scheduled deliveries to Amazon FBA

15/20/25-Day Deliveries for your options

Competitive rates on shipments

Last mile deliveries to your buyer's front door in any country

Multiple modes of combined transport

Single drop shipping available

We can deliver to any address in your country.

Affordable Pallet Storage (pallet-in/pallet out warehousing)

Receive, store, and ship complete pallets.

Product scans upon arrival

Real time tracking information

Our services are always quick, secure, and reliable.

Our clients are all over the world. One of our clients is a big company with an annual turnover of about 10 million US dollars, and our logistics solution has help them to save about 500,000 US dollars each year.


We also specialize in offering logistic service for small companies. Single drop shipping has always been our advantage service.


Besides, we can provide global buyers with payment and inspection services in China, as long as you send us your request.

Competitive Rates

Professional team, perfect service system, and years of experience in cross-border transportation have reduced our transportation costs to the lowest in the industry.

Faster Shipping at a Lower Cost

Warehouses strategically located in Shenzhen and USA make our shipment more efficient

Professional operations to keep fulfillment costs down

DDP for shipment to USA avoids customs clearance trouble.

Partnerships with Fedex, UPS, DHL, Matson and almost all well-known shipping companies in the world

How do we charge?

Shipping FBA US from China:

Custom-fee free!

Only shipping fees need to be paid!

All kinds of cargos accepted from 20kg!


Shipping to other country from China:

Shipping fees (shipment started from 20kg) + Custom fees without any extra service fees!


Click here to learn the freight fee from China to your country:

Note: 1. After opening the web page mentioned above, click the right button of the mouse to translate the displayed language into the language you prefer;

2. Choose the destination country you’d like to ship to and the cargo weight on the left side of the web page, then you’ll get the shipping freight by different ways from China to the destination country.

How does it work?

Contact us and tell us what products you will be sending to Amazon FBA or direct to client. If you don’t have bank account for procurement in China, we can make the payment on your behalf.

We will quote your shipment to include all tariffs upon your packing list and goods value.

Ship your cargo to our warehouses in China or in US. All cartons must be properly labeled.

Upon receiving your cargo, we can provide cargo inspection service according to your demand. And send you confirmation of receipt, pictures of the pallets as they arrived, and confirm your original quote. Your quote will only change if the cargo received is in any way different than what you confirmed us before.

Payment is due upon quote confirmation.

We transport the cargo to the distribution center designated by Amazon or direct to your buyer's door.

Upon completion of delivery, we will email you all documents and confirmations from delivery.



The transport process takes 7-10 business days from the day we ship your goods from our warehouse.



Your cargo is safe with us. We offer you a 100% product cost insurance policy on every shipment.



For damage to cargo caused by our transportation, we provide compensation in time. However, our logistics work seamlessly, and the probability of cargo loss or damage is extremely low and even can be ignored.


Start your shipment with us!